Five Good Reasons To Quit Smoking

Are you thinking about quitting smoking or would like to convince someone that it would be best for them to quit? These five good reasons to quit smoking will help you stay motivated or convinced your loved ones.

Smoking significantly increases your life expectancy by reducing your risks of developing a number of diseases. According to the American Cancer Society, 50% of smokers will die from health conditions caused by smoking. Smoking increases your risks of developing fifteen different forms of cancer as well as heart disease and lung disease.

Your body will repair itself after you quit. The sooner you quit, the better. Your lungs should become healthier, your blood pressure will improve and so will your heart rate. You will also get a better sense of taste and smell once you no longer smoke.

Quitting means your family will no longer be exposed to second hand smoke. Cigarette smoke lingers in the air and is probably present in every room of your home, even if you make an effort to smoke in only one room. Second hand smoke contains the same carcinogens you can find in a cigarette and is very harmful to young children or pregnant women.

Quitting smoking will help you save a lot of money. It is estimated that smokers spend an average of £3,200 a year on cigarettes. Count how many cigarettes you smoke in a day and calculate how much you spend on cigarettes within a year. Quitting smoking will also help you secure lower health insurance rates and should help you avoid costly medical bills.

Smokers are not always well perceived by others. Did you know that 72% of non smokers would not date a smoker? Quitting smoking will also improve the appearance of your skin and teeth, which should help you make a better impression on others. Quitting will also make it easier for you to go to smoke free places such as restaurants or public buildings.

You should meet with your doctor if you are thinking about quitting smoking or even visit a e liquid site to get advice. It is important to understand your habits so you can develop a strategy adapted to your needs. There are many ways of quitting smoking and it is usually best to combine several strategies to create a plan adapted to your needs and habits. Do not get discouraged if you cannot quit with your first try. Most smokers have to try several times before they can quit.